🥗 Can You Survive One Day as a Vegan?

It's just for fun.

Being a vegan can be very difficult. It’s much more difficult than even being a vegetarian. Vegetarians simply have to avoid eating meat. Vegans have to avoid eating, wearing, or in any way purchasing products made with animal by-products. This requires vegans to be something of food and product detectives. They have to check labels constantly and refer to resources in order to determine if something truly is vegan. There are also some items that exist in a vegan grey area, such as honey. It can get pretty difficult, though it is easier now than it used to be.

Perhaps you are considering becoming vegan. If so, this quiz will be a good test for you to determine if you can do it. Maybe you would thrive as a vegan. On the other hand, maybe you would crack and not want to eat vegan food. If you would like to know if you could make it as a vegan, this quiz is the perfect place to start.

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🥗 Can You Survive One Day as a Vegan? Quiz Questions

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