๐Ÿ’ธ Can You Waste $1 Million in a Week?

It's time to spend some imaginary cash!

Although money can buy experiences and items that bring you joy, some things may seem unnecessarily expensive. More so if you can get equally useful items at comparably low prices.

A common wishlist item is an iPhone, which already has a steep price tag compared to other smartphones. One company has placed a price tag of one million dollars on an iPhone, by adorning its body with solid 24K gold and more than 1,600 diamonds, including a single-cut 2-carat diamond on the home button! Feel like splurging on your newborn? How does a pacifier made of silicone, with a white gold handle and covered in 280 diamonds sound? It will set you back by $17,000. This seems even more exorbitant when you consider that it's going to be covered in baby drool.

How easy do you think it will be to completely waste a million dollars in just one week? Pick out the most lavish things you would buy to see if you could spend the money successfully!


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