Your Taste in Food Will Reveal Where in Europe You Should Actually Live

How does Paris sound?

Trying new food when traveling is a huge part of anyone's itinerary, especially when it comes to the local food that is unique to each country. Despite being in close proximity, countries in Europe have very different cuisines, making a trip around the continent a fulfilling gastronomic journey.

Dining on an authentic Italian meal is a highlight of any vacation in Rome. The cuisine is known for its simplicity, with just a few ingredients needed for many dishes. Just take the traditional margherita pizza for example - basically just tomatoes, cheese and bread!

German cuisine is one that has gone through many changes due to the nation's development. Germany is home to the second-most number of decorated restaurants, proving the cuisine's worldwide appeal. The must-try dishes include rouladen, sauerbraten, and brezel.

Tell us about your taste in various types of food. Based on your choices, we'll tell you where in Europe is most suited for you!

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