Do You Know Where These 24 Celebrities Were Born?

Some of these aren't as obvious as they seem.

If you follow the entertainment industry, you probably have spent some time googling your favorite celebrities to find out more about their background and where they came from. Some of us get used to seeing actors and actresses in Hollywood movies. In many cases, by the nature of their work, these celebs are able to switch an accent on or off at will like a chameleon, which makes it a surprise when we find out that they were born in a very different part of the world.

This quiz features actors, actresses, musicians, and some other famous people. Your challenge is to figure out which part of the world they were born in. If you are the type who is in the know about the world of entertainment, then you should know most of them already, but chances are there will be at least a few that you would never have suspected were actually born somewhere quite different from where you might assume.

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Do You Know Where These 24 Celebrities Were Born? Quiz Questions

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