🍫 Your Chocolate Preferences Will Determine How Many Kids You’ll Have

How many tiny chocoholics do we see?

Do you love the sweet taste of chocolate, or do you prefer a slightly bitter version of the decadent treat? Different types of chocolate have varied tastes, and our preferences reveal a lot about ourselves.

The bittersweet dark chocolate gets its flavor from the small amount of sugar added to the minimum of 35 percent pure chocolate, which naturally tastes extremely bitter. Semisweet chocolate is different only due to the added ingredient of cocoa butter.

White chocolate has fresh and clean taste, just like the milk solids in it. It's not too sweet, even with vanilla flavoring. But it's missing an ingredient that makes it an unofficial type of chocolate - chocolate! Yes, the widely popular white chocolate doesn't actually contain any chocolate, just cocoa butter.

Which type of chocolate is your favorite? Do you have a particular chocolate treat you can't live without? Tell us all about your chocolate preferences, and we will reveal the number of kids you will have!

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