🐕 Choose Some Dogs and We’ll Reveal What You Really Need in a Man ❤

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Dogs are precious creatures that make for the perfect pets. They offer love, companionship and protection to their humans. You can even relate man's best friend to certain human stereotypes.

The German Shepherd is known to be stoic and deeply protective of those whom it's loyal to. Having one is akin to having your own personal bodyguard! The bulldog is like that grumpy old neighbor who seems annoyed by the slightest noise, but once you get to know him, you realize there's a beautiful soul within. Its tough exterior protects its soft underbelly, which it only reveals when you shower it with love and affection. You probably have that one friend who is easy-going and goes along with all the plans that others make. The dog version of that is the beagle, who enjoys doing anything you love!

In this quiz, pick a dog from each breed that you love the most! Your choices say a lot about what you are actually looking for in your soulmate.

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