Choose Some Clothes for Every Season and We’ll Guess the Season You Were Born in

Are you a winter or a summer baby?

As the seasons change, not only does the temperature and environment change, your wardrobe does too. You instinctively start shopping for clothes in the colors of the current season, even though you already know they are going to end up in the back of your closet in a matter of months. Heavy winter clothes will have to make way for your lighter spring and summer attire. But hey, if there's a reason to buy new clothes, why question it?

Fancy doing some shopping? We're bringing the fun of online shopping to you right now, but without you actually having to spend any money!

Go on a virtual shopping spree by looking at the variety of clothes we're putting up in this quiz. Choose your favorite piece of clothing from each category and we will guess which season you were born in! Be as expressive and colorful as you want; no one is going to judge you for it.

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