🐶 Choose Some Dogs and We’ll Guess Your Exact Age

Dogs = best creatures in the whole wide world.

If you're a dog lover, you probably get super excited about all things dog-related. Or perhaps you spend way too much time watching funny dog videos and taking doggie quizzes. When it comes to choosing one as a pet, you have to also consider the characteristics of each breed.

The beagle is a happy and inquisitive short-haired hound that is very good at detecting smells. It's no wonder the beagle is the fifth most popular breed of dogs. In fourth place is the bulldog. Despite their seemingly annoyed and grumpy expressions, bulldogs have a generally calm character. The third most popular breed is the Golden Retriever. Its intelligence and friendly, tolerant attitude makes it perfect as a family pet. The second most popular dog breed is the German Shepherd, which is an extremely strong, agile and adventurous animal. The most popular dog breed is the Labrador Retriever. Just look into its kind eyes to see how sweet this pooch really is!

Now here's a fun activity for you. Pick all the dogs that tug at your heartstrings and wish you could cuddle at that moment! From your choices, we will be able to guess your age accurately.

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