ğŸŽ… Can You Solve These Christmas Anagrams?

Are you ready for CRITHSAMS?

It's the countdown to Christmas and we are all getting ready to fully embrace the festive spirit. Our favorite holiday movies are queued, our playlist of Christmas tunes is already looping, and our winter wardrobe is in full swing.

And despite things looking a little different this year, we're still determined to make it a jolly old time. There is one activity that is yet to let us down: a good old quiz.

To get you in the festive spirit, here is a Christmas word quiz we have created for you. There are 20 anagrams in this quiz that you will have to unscramble, all of them having a common Christmas theme. Will you be able to solve them all? Put your word skills to the test during the most wonderful time of the year! Share this quiz with your friends and see who scores the highest.

Merry quiz-mas!

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ğŸŽ… Can You Solve These Christmas Anagrams? Quiz Questions

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