Can You Guess What These Popular Brands Are Based on a Single Clue?

Do you know your brands?

Brands are everywhere, and some are so prominent that we choose them because of their brand image rather than the quality of the product. For many of us, we've grown up consuming these well-loved brands and find it so hard to go with any other brand after all these years.

You hear these brand names almost every day but can you actually pass a quiz like this? Here's a quiz that will test you on how sharp you are when it comes to riddles and crossword puzzles.

How to play:

  • For this particular quiz, all answers are words related to popular brands.
  • You will get a clue in each question. Solve the clue and type in your answer.
  • The number of letters in each answer are indicated in brackets.
  • Answers are case-insensitive, cases don't matter.
  • Stuck? Click the "I give up" button to reveal the answer and move on to the next question.

So, think you're smart enough to ace this brand quiz? Let's get started.

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Can You Guess the Popular Brands Are by a Single Clue? Quiz Questions

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