We Can Tell If You’re Weird or Not Weird Based on Whether You Eat These Foods With a 🍴Fork or Spoon

Let's fight about whether to use a fork or spoon to eat ice cream.

From young we have been taught to use utensils like a fork or a spoon to eat our food in a civilized manner. Apart from these common cutlery, there have been more specialized utensils created to make eating certain foods even easier.

One such invention is the spork, which combines the functions of a spoon and a fork, making it perfect for stir fry dishes that have different kinds of food items in one. An upgraded version of this is the splayd, a spork with an added knife-like edge, making it a truly all-in-one utensil. Another that you may not have heard of is the trongs, for people who love eating with their hands but can't stand the mess. These plastic tongs go on your fingers and help you hold the food while keeping your hands clean.

Share your opinions on which utensils are best for eating different kinds of dishes. You could even use your hands! The way you eat these foods will reveal if you are weird or not.

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