Let’s Go Back in Time! Can You Get 18/24 on This Vintage Ads Quiz?

Feel like time traveling?

Ever since the first ads appeared in newspapers in the early 19th century and on television in the early 1940s, advertising has had a significant impact on our buying behavior. Advertising is designed to influence our attitudes and opinions, and it does so very effectively, often without us even realizing. Advertisers are experts at persuasion. They use every tool at their disposal to influence your attitudes and behavior, and that has remained true since the very beginnings of advertising.

Travel back to a bygone time and take a glimpse at what everyone was seeing in advertisements in the decades starting with the 50s. From harmlessly witty to sweetly nostalgic and straight-up absurd, some of these may even bring back memories of your own glory days. Try taking a walk down memory lane to see if you can identify these retro advertisements and what vintage products they were marketing back then.

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