Only a True Classic TV Expert Will Know the Last Names of 14/20 of These Actors

Do you remember their names?

The classic period of television gave audiences some of its greatest stars of all time. Some actors and actresses are just such famous TV stars that you can't help but remember their small screen performances even after they act in movies. Who can forget Lucille Ball, one of the best TV show actresses, in her iconic eponymous role in I Love Lucy? And Andy Griffith as the sheriff of Mayberry in Theย Andy Griffith Show?

Whatโ€™s in a name? For a celebrity, almost everything. This quiz will challenge how well you remember the names of some of the most revered actors and actresses of classic television, from the standardization of broadcast television in the '40s up until the cusp of modern television in the '70s. If you get at least 70 per cent of these stars' last names right, then you must truly be a real fan of classic TV.

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