👚 Every Answer to This Quiz Is a Clothing Item — Can You Guess the Idioms?

You'd better put on your thinking cap.

Idioms are expressions that often mean something different from their literal meaning. These useful phrases make writing and speech more interesting and colorful. Many people love using idioms in everyday conversation, and you will frequently find them popping up in books, TV shows and movies too.

We've had quizzes featuring animal idioms, food idioms, and now here is one that is based on clothing. All the idioms in this quiz are missing a word that is related to clothes and fashion. Buckle down (which means to start working hard) and see if you know what the idiom is. Once you have figured that out, type in the missing word to complete each idiom. Spelling and plurals do matter. If you get stuck at any point, click the "I give up" button to reveal the answer, as well as the meaning and usage of the idiom.

Even if you don't get these all correct, you would get to learn some cool new clothing idioms to bring a bit of style and fashion to your English.

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Every Answer to This Quiz Is Clothing Item — Can You Guess Idioms? Questions

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