🎨 Only a Color Expert Can Score 12/15 on This Quiz

Let's see if you know these special colors.

At a young age, we learnt about the primary colors red, blue and yellow. Then, when we grew older, we learnt about secondary and tertiary colors that we will get by mixing the three primary ones. But most of us aren't exposed to hundreds of shades; some are obviously named, some not so. For example, we'd assume a color called 'avocado' to be a greenish hue, but what about the color 'cerulean'?

This quiz will test your knowledge of color shades. Look at the color in each question and try to identify the exact name of the shade! Don't worry, you have 1 out of 3 chances to get it right, so try it out and learn more about colors!

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🎨 Only a Color Expert Can Score 12/15 on This Quiz Questions

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