If You Can Name 15/15 of These Countries from Just Three Cities, You’re a Geography Genius

Can you get all of them without missing one?

Cities distinguish themselves through culture, language, history, architecture, and landmarks, so no two cities are quite the sameโ€”not to the experienced traveler, that is.

It has probably been a few years since you took a geography class, so this quiz may pose a serious challenge unless you have been traveling (or reading) a lot. Do you know that the capital of Canada is Ottawa? Or that Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina? Naming the capital cities may be simple enough, but can you do this in reverse, too? So if we were to present you with the cities (not necessarily the capitals), can you match them to the countries they are located in?

If you score full marks on this quiz, it makes you more or less a geography genius. Can you rock this geography quizโ€”without getting help from Google? Prove your mastery of geography here!

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Can You Name 15 Countries From Just Three Cities? Quiz Questions

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