Tell Us How Much These Dating Pet Peeves Annoy You and We’ll Reveal What You Desire in a Man

Do any of these things get you fuming?

You meet a nice, attractive guy. He then asks you out. You pick out the perfect date night outfit and shoes. You get your hair curled and your makeup is done to perfection. Yes, you're all ready for the big night out. But during the date, the guy just makes one (or several) false moves and you instantly know there's not going to be a second date. Yes, there are certain things that guys can do that will instantly make you say goodbye to them.

During the dating stage, women create a mental checklist to see if he is the one. Does he keep staring at other women? Does he open the door for you? Does he offer to pay the bill? Does he walk you home? Are these things important or do they not matter to you?

Tell us how much the following annoying dating moments irritate you. Based on your tolerance level, we can tell you what you actually look out for in a man!

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