Order Whatever You Want from McDonald’s and We’ll Guess Your Age

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Did you know that there are more than 36,000 McDonald's restaurants worldwide? Whether it's your guilty pleasure or your go-to meal, everyone loves getting McDonald's! Every time you think you've sworn off their food, the ease of accessibility to their thousands of outlets and the comfort food they provide at low prices keeps pulling you back. Word has it that billionaire Warren Buffett visits McDonald's every morning for breakfast, and base his menu choice on how well the stock market is doing that day.

If you are a big fan of the Golden Arches, you're going to love taking this quiz! We have broken down their huge variety of food into 15 categories for you to pick your favorite from. And based on your choice of burger, fries, sides, drinks and even sauces, we'll guess your age!

Warning: If you haven't had your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you might want to get some McDonald's after this quiz!

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