Can We Guess Your Age and Dream Job Based on What Thai Food You Order?

What's your true calling?

Thai food is slowly but surely becoming popular all over the world. With such a wide and diverse variety of foods in Thai cuisine, it may be difficult to narrow down what you have to eat, so let us help!

Fancy something spicy? Try one of the many types of curries, including green, red or yellow curry. These are typically cooked with chicken or beef, and are almost always guaranteed to be delicious. If you're looking for a snack, you have to go for some kanom jeeb, or steamed dumplings. The colorful dumplings are filled with shrimp, mushrooms, meat, or chestnuts to fit any palate. If you want something heavier, you should consider khao kaa moo as a meal. Braised pork knuckles with rice just melt in your mouth when done correctly and is an easy dish to enjoy.

In this quiz, you get to have a visual feast of colorful Thai dishes. Pick the food and drinks that appeal to you the most from each category and we will try to guess both your age and dream job correctly!

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