We Know Your Exact Age Based on How You Rate These Polarizing Foods

How do you feel about liver?

There are some foods that are universally loved by everyone, like fried chicken, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza. Everyone can agree these foods are delicious. Certain kinds of food, however, are a bit of an acquired taste. You either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground.

When it comes to more polarizing ingredients like blue cheese or raw oysters, everybody has an opinion, and they're ready to fight to the death over whether or not these tastes belong in a sophisticated palate. Some people love these foods, while others would not even try them. The idea of eating greens such as kale or asparagus may seem repulsive to some, yet others do not mind having them as part of a balanced diet.

What are your opinions on some of these polarizing, and at times controversial foods? Rate each one out of 5 stars, and we will guess your age at the end.

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We Know Your Age by How You Rate These Polarizing Foods Quiz Questions

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