🏡 Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Tell You What Your Dream Job Is

Have you always wanted to become a doctor?

Everyone has dreamed of their perfect home, one that they would give anything to live in and is built according to their every desire. Although this differs from person to person, there are some features that are universally approved that you should incorporate into your own home!

Single-level homes have become increasingly popular, due to them being easier to maintain and elderly-friendly. Large windows that allow natural light to fill the room are great too. They make the house seem modern and you get to save on your electricity bills! Another key feature everyone should have is plenty of hidden storage. Instead of leaving boxes of things you'll never use again in the attic, organize them neatly in drawers beneath the sofa or bed or in other smart storage options.

In this quiz, you get to live out your dream and build the home you've always wanted! Pick out the style and look of every room of your ideal home and we will tell you what you've always dreamed of working as.

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