What’s Your IQ, Based Only on Your Dinner Choices?

Are you what you eat?

What's Your IQ, Based Only on Your Dinner Choices? Quiz

You may think that the food you eat has an impact on just your health. However, it actually affects a lot more than that, including your physical appearance and your energy level. What you put into your body also has an impact on your brain functions. This means that certain foods you eat may actually make you smarter and think better.

You should pick salmon as your main protein where possible, as it contains nutrients that are crucial for your brain. The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish give you energy, enhance your memory and mood. If you want such nutrients in a quick snack, nuts are perfect. Having an assortment on standby will give you the aforementioned benefits, with the additional perk of fighting any age-related decline in your brain functions.

In this quiz, pretend you are having an elaborate dinner with multiple courses. Pick an item for each course and we will accurately evaluate your current IQ. If you're not happy with your result, you can always eat these brain foods to increase your IQ level!


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