Design Your Life in the Suburbs 🏠 and We’ll Tell You Which Sitcom 📺 You Belong in

Live your life like a sitcom.

Sitcoms and living in the suburbs have several things in common. Mostly, they both appeal to people looking for the ideal family life. While characters in sitcoms deal with problems and go on little adventures, their lives are comfortable, quiet, and enjoyable. The challenges they face are often not all that serious. Many sitcoms are situated in the suburbs for this very reason.

We can tell what sitcom you belong in the most based on your answers to this quiz. While many sitcoms can be similar, they differ enough that those with different personalities usually have one that works best for them. There is a sitcom out there that you belong in, and we can tell you which one. Answer these questions about your ideal life in the suburbs and we’ll let you know which sitcom cast you should be part of. The answer may surprise you!

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Design Your Life in Suburbs to Know Which Sitcom You Be… Quiz Questions

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