Did This Actor Appear in a DC or Marvel Movie?

Are you more like Superman or Aunt May when it comes to movie quizzes like this?

For many Hollywood actors, snagging a role in a big budget superhero film is a big deal. While most miss out on such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there are some actors who have been fortunate enough to play multiple comic book characters on the big screen.

Chris Evans found international fame with his Captain America representation, playing the role of patriotic super soldier, Steve Rogers, to critical acclaim. But before he got the opportunity to be one of the Avengers, he was Johnny Storm, better known as Human Torch in two earlier Fantastic Four movies. Another actor who was also cast as Human Torch is Michael B. Jordan in the more recent adaptation of Fantastic Four in 2015. He went on to play the villain, Erik Killmonger, in Disney/Marvel's Black Panther, which has been breaking box-office records around the world.

How up to date are you with modern superhero movies? Try guessing if the following actors appear in a DC Extended or Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in this fun quiz!

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