🎞️ Direct Your Own Movie and We’ll See Which 🏆 Awards You May Win

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️ Direct Your Own Movie & I'll See Which Awards You May… Quiz

Have you ever wanted to direct a movie of your own? What kind of film would you want to make? What actors would you cast in it? There are a lot of decisions you would have to make if you wanted to create your own film. The choices you make will determine how well it would do at the box office and what possible awards you could win. Perhaps you’d win the prestigious Academy Award for Best Picture of the Year! On the other hand, if you made a complete flop you could win the Golden Raspberry (or Razzie) award. Then that may spell the end of your filmmaking career.

This quiz will ask you to cast actors, pick a storyline, genre, script, and film tropes and then we will tell you what award your film could possibly win. If you’d like to know just how you would fare as a big-time Hollywood director, now is your chance!


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