Do You Know a Little About a Lot?

Or do you know a lot about a little?

Are you someone that knows a little about a lot, or as they call it, the Jack of all trades? We know it is difficult to keep up with everything in the world, but it is necessary for us to do so. Haven't you heard of the term, "woke"? You need to be "woke" to actively participate in today's society and let your voice be heard. But, do you know enough?

To pass this quiz, you will need to know about the geography of the world. Do you know where different rivers and volcanoes are located? What about the continents and which countries are in them? History is an important aspect to study about too. You should be aware of major battles that have taken place as well as the story behind countries' names. Your scientific knowledge will also be put to the test, so you should be aware of the human body and common chemicals.

If you know these topics, you may have enough knowledge to prove that you actually know a little about a lot! Take this quiz to find out for sure if you do.

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