Don’t Call Yourself an English Expert If You Can’t Get 15/20 on This Quiz

Hope you're wearing your smarty pants.

Having good English and speaking English fluently are two completely different things. Even if we could convey our ideas effectively to others through speech, there are often grammatical errors in what we speak.

In this quiz, we will be testing you on various areas of the language. Are you familiar with synonyms? The term refers to different words that have a similar meaning. Your ability to spell will also need to be above average in order for you to pass this quiz. How about your vocabulary? You have to make sure that it is wide enough to cover the definitions of the tested words. It would also help to know how to use similar-sounding words, like "advice" and "advise".

If you're prepared for such questions, then you're ready to take on this quiz. It is still a difficult one, so if you want to be able to call yourself an English expert, you need to score at least 15 out of 20!

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Don't Call Yourself English Expert If You Can't Get 15 on This Quiz Questions

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