๐ŸŒถ Spice up These Foods and We’ll Tell You What Color Empowers You

Turn up the heat!

Spicy food causes an obvious divide amongst family, friends, and loved ones. You either love it or hate it. Lovers feel that the spice adds another dimension to the overall taste of a dish, while haters simply dislike the burning sensation it leaves on the tongue. But there are some benefits of eating spicy food that may convert chili haters.

If you're trying to lose a couple of pounds, the extra kick from spicy food or condiments might actually help. Not only does it increase your metabolism, the spice also makes the usually bland diet food taste a whole lot better. Spice may actually keep your heart healthy too, based on the lower incidents of heart problems in cultures that have incorporated a lot of it. The best part of getting started with spicy food is that the more you eat, the less spicy the food will taste, as your taste buds get used to the heat.

You have a chance to figure out which color empowers you the most, with this quiz! All you have to do is tell us how spicy you want the following foods to be, and we'll reveal your color.

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