🥂 Eat at These Celebrity Weddings and We’ll Reveal the Exact Age You’ll Get Married

Will you be saying "I do" sooner than you think?

Celebrities usually go for designer fashion, fine dining, and lead the high life generally. If they can splurge on most things they want in their daily lives, can you imagine the extent they will go to for their wedding?

An average wedding costs $32,000 in the US. Now compare that with the $4.5 million wedding of George and Amal Clooney. The 5-course dinner for just a hundred guests cost $30,000! But that's nothing when you look at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Understandably, the royals spent way more than the Clooneys. The wedding of the 21st century reportedly cost close to $34 million -- $32 million of which went to security. $600,000 was spent on the food catering. Not to forget the traditional wedding cake that cost $80,000.

Imagine you've been invited to many celebrity weddings in this quiz (one can dream)! Choose what you'd eat at each reception and we can determine the age you got (or will get) married!

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