Eat and Travel ‘Round the World and We’ll Reveal How Rich You’ll Be in Five Years

Will your hard work finally pay off?

For many of us, traveling around the world and eating fine foods are a luxury of life. One of the main reasons to travel is to experience new cuisines. But, we often find that our income doesn’t allow us to; we can’t make as much money as we want, and we can’t travel as much as we want.

Your eating and travel habits can determine how rich you can get. For starters, the types of food you eat can affect your financial state. If you eat a lot of expensive, processed foods, you may end up spending more on food than if you ate a more balanced diet. In addition, your food habits can affect your health, which can in turn affect your finances. If you are unhealthy, you may have to spend more on medical care, and you may miss work more often, which can lead to lost income.

If you spend money on less expensive items and travel to less expensive countries, your financial state will be affected positively. You will have more money to save or invest, and your overall wealth will be increased. This quiz can predict what your financial state will look like in 5 years' time based on your choices in food and travels. After taking this quiz, you're going to find out how rich you will be in future!

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