Can You Find 24 Baked Treats Around the World on the Map? ๐Ÿฅ

Piece of cake!

Baked goods are a favorite no matter where you travel to around the globe. From breads to pies to cookies to cakes and so much more, every region has its own baked specialities, snacks, and dessert foods.

Step into a pastry shop in Turkey and you're likely to find trays of baklava sliced into diamonds, filled with ground nuts and dripping with honeyed syrup. Walk past a cake shop in Germany and you'll get to admire the luscious Schwarzwรคlder Kirschtorteโ€”or black forest cakeโ€”swathed in cream, dusted with shaved chocolate and studded with cherries. Pop into a convenience store in Japan and you'll find slice boxes of the light and airy Japanese cheesecake, a delightful variation from the heavier New York version.

This quiz features 24 baked goods and treats from around the world. Have a go at it and see if you can pick out the place of origin of various goodies like empanadas, mooncakes, and hot cross buns. If you know your stuff, this quiz would be a piece of cake.


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Can You Find 24 Baked Treats Around World on Map? Quiz Questions

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