90% Of People Can’t Crush This Easy General Knowledge Quiz. Can You?

Ready those brain cells.

90% Of People Can't Crush This Easy General Knowledge Quiz. Can You?

If you're one of our quiz takers who find our quizzes on general knowledge pretty difficult, you may be in for a pleasant surprise with this one! We've designed a test with simpler questions than the norm. Want to know what we're talking about?

We'll ask you about popular places and landforms on Earth. This includes Bulgaria, the River Nile, Krakatoa, and the original colonies of the United States of America. Your knowledge of arts and culture will be of use when we question you about William Shakespeare's work, '60s music, and Dr. Seuss characters. Historical moments and objects will be touched upon, especially the Statue of Liberty and a certain mythological creature. There will be some random questions too, on sports, animals, and science.

If you find these to be manageable topics, you'd find this quiz a breeze! But since it is an easy test, you need to crush it, something 90% of people can't do. Can you?

Quiz Playlist

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90% Of People Can't Crush This Easy General Knowledge Quiz. Can You? Questions