This English Quiz Is Designed to Mess You Up. Can You Get at Least 14/18?

Will you do your English teacher proud?

When coming up with English quizzes, we formulate the questions in a way that you get to challenge yourself without having to think too hard. Sometimes two answers may seem pretty close but there's only one that is correct.

In this quiz you should pay attention to what the question is asking for, as some may be looking for either synonyms and antonyms. For example, which word is similar to 'waft' in meaning and which word has the opposite meaning of 'malleable'? This also applies when we ask for definitions of various words, as well as the correct spellings. Do you know what the definition of 'jabber' is? Also, check your pronunciation as we'll be asking you how to say various tricky words, like 'debut' and 'debris'.

As you can see, this quiz isn't easy. In fact, we may have deliberately created it to mess you up! Not to worry, you just need to score 14 out of 18 to prove that the quiz did not get the better of you.

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This English Quiz Is Designed to Mess You Up. Can You Get 14? Questions

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