The Role You Associate These Famous Actors With Will Reveal Your Mental Age

A quiz like this can be very revealing.

The Role You Associate Actors With Will Reveal Your Men… Quiz

This quiz will ask you to name which role you most closely associate an actor with. The role you associate with these actors will help us determine what your mental age is. This is not your biological age, mind you, although that factors heavily into things as well. Your mental age represents how mature you are, regardless of the amount of times you have traveled around the Sun. For instance, if you associate certain actors with movies which appeal to a, let’s say, rather immature audience, then it's likely that you have a young mental age. If you associate certain actors with their more critically acclaimed roles, then you probably have an older mental age.

We will show you a picture of a famous actor and then several options of their past roles for you to choose. Select the one that you think of first when you picture the actor in your mind. Then, we will tell you what mental age you are.

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