Only People Who Watch Tons of Movies Can Identify 15/20 Famous Movie Titles With the Vowels Missing

Only People Who Watch Tons of Movies Can Identify 15 Mo… Quiz

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to Hollywood movies – that's why any debate over what makes the best movies of all time can take hours (or, in our cases, a lifetime). Can there ever be one list to rule them all?

Luckily in this quiz we're not debating over the quality of movies. Instead, we have highlighted some of the most famous Hollywood movies from past to present. Regardless of whether they are critically acclaimed or not, it's undeniable that each of these films has been seen by millions around the world. Some are top grossing movies, some are cult classics that have remained fan favorites. A few of these are old favorites from the golden age of cinema, while a couple are modern superhero films.

Whether you are a movie buff who has spent hours upon hours indulging in movie marathons, or perhaps a novice who just wants to challenge your word puzzle skills, this quiz should provide some fun for the next half hour or so. Take this quiz and see if you can guess these famous movies when they have been stripped of their vowels.

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Guess the Movie Quizzes
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  6. Can You Name These 1970s Horror Movies?
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  9. 🍿 Can You Unscramble These Movie Anagrams?
  10. 🍿 Can You Spot the 50 Movies Hidden in This Picture?
  11. Only a Film Buff Can Name at Least 14/20 🎟️ Top Movies from the 1950s
  12. Can You Name These Lucille Ball Movies from Their Posters?
  13. Can You Name These 🤠 Western Movies?
  14. Can You Name These 1940s Action Movies?
  15. Only True Film Buffs 🎞️ Can Ace This Black and White Movie Quiz – Are You up for the Challenge?
  16. Can You Name These 1950s Romantic Comedy Movies?
  17. Can You Name These 1990s Action Movies?
  18. Can You Recognize the Popular Movie from Just One Character?
  19. Can You Guess the Marvel Movie from One Still?
  20. Can You Name These Movies from Their Final Scenes?
  21. Can You Name These Popular Movie Musicals?
  22. Can You Identify These Movies by Just One Frame?
  23. Can You Name These 1980s Romantic Comedy Movies?
  24. Can You Name These Oscar Best Picture Winners?
  25. Can You Name These 1970s Action Movies?
  26. How Many of These Classic 90s Movies Can You Identify from Just One Image?
  27. Only a Movie Genius Can Name 16/20 of These Oscar Best Picture Winners from Their Posters
  28. Can You Name These 1960s Romantic Comedy Movies?
  29. Can You Name These 1960s Horror Movies?
  30. Can You Name These Movies from Their LEGO Scenes?


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Only People Who Watch Tons of Movies Can Identify 15 Mo… Quiz Questions