๐Ÿฅช We Know What % Karen You Are Based on Your Food Preferences

Let me speak to the manager!

For those unaware, "Karen" has become a term used to describe an entitled-acting woman who often makes life difficult for people working in customer service, retail, or similar positions. These are the people who most often ask to speak to the manager, or when that doesnโ€™t go as planned, the managerโ€™s manager.

We can actually tell how much of a Karen you are based on the way you like your food and drinks. That might seem rather difficult but one's Karen tendencies really come out when choosing what meals to have for the day.

There are plenty of good Karens as well, of course, but that is not who we are focused on with this quiz. Weโ€™ll be able to determine how much Karen is inside of you based on your preferences and demands when it comes to what you eat. If you are mentally ready to find out just how much of a Karen you are, then go ahead and take this quiz.

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