🎨 I’m Pretty Sure You Can’t Match at Least 14/20 of These Famous Paintings to the Artist

Is your art knowledge superior enough?

What makes a painting, and a painter, great? It takes talent, of course, and a genius for innovation. Of course, most fine artworks are the result of years of practice and experimentation — as well as the development of a unique artistic voice. An experienced artist knows how to create a successful painting, no matter what situation or model he or she is presented with or the materials being worked with. A truly great artist is distinguished by a unique ability to take his or her moment in time and distill its essence so that resulting work becomes timeless.

Limited to dress and hairstyle, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is just a woman from the Renaissance. But her expression—subtle, ambiguous—has given her a mystique that will survive the ages.

From the Renaissance to Pop Art, we feature some of the world's most famous artworks throughout history in this quiz. Can you identify the creator behind every piece of work?

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