Eat Your Way Through the Alphabet and We’ll Tell You What % Genius You Are

Make your way through the alphabet diet.

Despite the infinite amount of food options out there, people still lack variety in their general diets. They aren't exposed to the different international cuisines and dishes. People also don't get the nutrients they need. A funny answer to that is the alphabet diet.

The alphabet diet is one where you have to eat food that starts with a specific letter each day. For example, your first day of this diet consists of foods starting with the letter 'A'. This includes apple pie, angel hair pasta, and alphabet soup. Even though the intention of this diet is great in theory, practically there are some concerns. The main one is being so focused on keeping to the diet that you eat whatever fits it, even unhealthy food items. So if you choose to take on this challenge, remember to have healthier options.

Pick a dish that starts with each letter of the alphabet that you love! Your choices will help us assess how much of a genius you are.

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