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👶 Your Food Preferences Will Reveal Whether You’re a Youngest, Middle, Oldest, Or Only Child

Are you the baby of the family?
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Being the first, middle, youngest, or only child probably influences your personality. We all know the stereotypes connecting personality with birth order: First-borns are bossy. Only children can't share. And the youngest child is spoilt.

Have you ever wondered about how your position in your family helped to shape your personality, behavior, and various other things like tastes and preferences? Some people believe that the eldest child, as well as the only child, are mature for their age, and honed to become leaders that are conscientious and responsible. The middle child tends to take on the role of a peacemaker, and may be a people-pleaser that thrives on friendships. The youngest child in the family is fun-loving, and develops his or her own ways of winning attention from others.

No matter where you sit in your family tree, this quiz will figure out your birth order purely based on your food preferences and eating habits.

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