How You Think of These Foods Will Reveal Your Personality Type

You are what you eat.

Everyone wants to learn more about themselves. Personality might seem completely random and uniqueโ€”and in some ways, it is. How you operate is influenced by your life experiences, preferences, beliefs, and more.

No two people are wired the same. Maybe your significant other needs to hash out every. single. detail. of an argument, while you just want to go for a walk to clear your head. Or your sister loves to drag you along as she flits from one social event to the next, while you'd much rather binge-watch Game of Thrones from the comfort of your couch. Or your BFF is always the first to try the new viral food trend popping up on Instagram, but you stick to your tried and tested favorites.

Because you are what you eat, our food personality quiz is a fun way to show you what it means to be you. Ready to find out what your true personality type is? Let's begin!


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How You Think of Foods Will Reveal Your Personality Type Quiz Questions

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