🥐 Only an Actual Foodie Can Spell These Food Names Correctly – Can You?

Macaron or macaroon?

In these days of spell checkers, autocorrection tools, and predictive typing, many of us become so used to getting our misspellings and typos autocorrected for us that we forget how to spell properly. Many of the words that are commonly misspelled by adults are not tricky or difficult words. They are often simple and ordinary words that are used almost daily.

Some people are better spellers than others, but certain words trip up more people than most. Many food names that we encounter in restaurants or in the kitchen are frequently spelled wrongly. Dessert or desert? Caesar salad or Cesar salad? Fettuccine or fettucine? Do you know which of these are the correct food names?

Since it is essential to know you are communicating accurately, everyone could benefit from brushing up on their spelling. Here's a quiz to test your spelling (and knowledge) of commonly misspelled food names.

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