Can You Guess and Spell the Words in This Quiz?

Figure out the words and S-P-E-L-L them.

What makes a good speller (or a bad one)? Good spellers are often self-motivated avid readers who enjoyed reading from a young age, and they commit a lot of words to memory. They may even study prefixes, suffixes, foreign languages and definitions that will help them deduce how a word is spelled.

You could be great in the language and get annoyed when people struggle with the simplest words, such as the wrong usage of basic words like to vs. too, your vs. you're and there vs. they're vs. their.

With new technology, it's actually harder now than ever to misspell words. Spellcheck is widely used across various platforms and greatly reduces the need to remember correct spellings. Nonetheless we should keep working our brains because there will come a time when we cannot simply rely on autocorrect to spell.

Test your spelling skills with this fun quiz! Guess the word with the given meaning in each question and spell it out, letter by letter.

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