🥐 Everyone Has a French Food That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

Are you the colorful ratatouille or the decadent soufflé?

What French Food Are You?
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French cuisine is well-loved across the world. It is known for its finesse and flavor, often linked to certain regions and sometimes passed from generation to generation. Here is a small tour of France's traditional food that will have you saying Ooh la la.

Escargots, or cooked snail meat, are a traditional fare cooked with garlic parsley butter. They are presented in their shells and you eat them with a little pick. Bouillabaisse is a robust soup typically from the Marseille region. Since there are so many fishermen in the area, the dish is logically made up of various fish, shellfish, tomatoes, and southern aromatics, mustard, and egg yolks. A great alternative to the traditional steak and fries would be the steak tartare, comprising of raw ground meat, spices and an egg.

In this quiz, find out which French dish best matches your personality. Are you a chocolate soufflé or a beef bourguignon? Let's find out!

What French Food Are You? Quiz Questions