Which Iconic Fall Food Are You? 🍁

Which fall food speaks to your soul?

When fall comes around, a sense of excitement is always lingering in the air. We look forward to the cooler weather, the holiday season coming up around the corner, and, most importantly, the food! We all have our fall favorites and each of them can say a lot about the kind of person we are.

If you are someone that loves candy corn, you're quite independent and form your own thoughts without being influenced. Starbucks has made pumpkin spice lattes the trendy drink in recent times and if you're a fan, you know how to appreciate a good thing before it's gone. Finally, if you enjoy cranberries, you're generally a cautious person who rarely takes risks. You want to ensure that you're safe before doing most things.

In this quiz, you get to find out the popular fall food that matches your personality the most. All you have to do is answer the following fall-related questions and we'll reveal your iconic fall food!

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What Fall Food Are You? Quiz Questions

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