What Soup Are You? 🍲

Find your dream soup.

Soup is good for the soul. It warms your heart as it warms your spoon. There's nothing a steamy, soothing bowl of homemade broth or chowder can't fix.

Soup is versatile and can be both eaten on its own or before a main meal. Whether you prefer a creamy broccoli cheddar soup or a hearty meat-based broth, there's always a bowl of soup that you can slurp your way through for every mood and season. You can guzzle down a chilled watercress soup on a balmy summer afternoon, a vibrant pumpkin soup at fall, and cozy up to the fire with a giant bowl of noodles, broth, and vegetables in the chilly, winter days.

Whether you're a chicken noodle kind of soup lover, or a chunky beef chili fan, there is a type of soup that suits every kind of personality. What soup are you? Dig in to this quiz to find out which soup matches you the best!

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