Everyone Has a Smell That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

What does your nose tell you?

What Smell Am I?
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Most of us enjoy the pleasing scents of roses, freshly baked cookies, and citrus fruits. But some of us also like the smell of certain things that other people may not agree with. No matter what aromas you adore, each one can say something about your personality.

Remember those childhood years when you did your coloring, and you could not help but catch a whiff of the Crayola crayons? This is one of those scents that instantly takes you back to the more innocent times. If you still find that distinct smell pleasant, you're probably someone that reminisces the good ol' days a lot. You may even feel like you live in the past, just because it had the better times. If you were preparing for a barbecue and find yourself liking the smell of charcoal, you're just full of energy and excitement. Your extroverted nature ensures that you have plenty of friends.

In this quiz, we will try to identify the smell that matches your character perfectly. Go ahead, take this quiz to find out!

What Smell Am I? Quiz Questions