Which British Food Are You?

Are you more like fish and chips or bangers and mash?

British food is not only built on the traditions and cultures of the United Kingdom, but it is also influenced by those that have settled in the region. This has really diversified the cuisine, allowing more people around the world to enjoy it. Whichever Brit dish you favor the most, it can say a lot about you!

If you enjoy a good ol' Yorkshire pudding, you're just a truly great person. You always think the best about the world and it is this positive outlook that motivates you to do good for everyone around you. If you prefer having a Shepherd's pie, you are devoted to your family. You put them above anything else and are always there when someone needs a helping hand. You know that, no matter what, your family will always be there for you too.

In this quiz, you get to answer some questions associated with Britain! As long as you share your honest opinions, we can tell you which British food accurately matches your personality!

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Which British Food Are You? Quiz Questions

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