Everyone Has an Unpopular Food That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

Which unpopular food choice are you?

What Unpopular Food Are You?
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Whether you love them or loathe them, you probably have a strong opinion about some of the most polarizing foods around the world. The most controversial — and depending on your perspective, delicious or disgusting — ingredients include brussels sprouts, black licorice, and liver. What is your stance on these foods?

It helps to keep an open mind toward certain divisive foods, as they may actually be beneficial to us. A lot of people can't get over the taste or texture of mushrooms. But these are rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, and proteins, and are great in burgers. Celery is a commonly hated vegetable, but it can help lower blood pressure without loading on the calories. If you ever feel hungry, just grab a celery stick and munch on it!

In this quiz, let's see which unpopular food perfectly matches your personality. Just answer the following questions honestly, and we'll reveal it at the end!

What Unpopular Food Are You? Quiz Questions