🍨 Customize Your Frozen Yogurt and We’ll Reveal the Age You Will Live to

There's no such thing as too many toppings.
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Frozen yogurt is one of those desserts we crave for in the summer. Ice-cold yogurt with whatever you want on top, including chocolates, fruit, cookies, sauces, and more! Did you know that it gained popularity in the 1980s when the store, TCBY, started selling it as a soft-serve option? The store saw sales of 25 million dollars in 1986, which is equivalent to 56 million dollars today! But the first self-serve concept was only introduced in 2006 by Yogurtland, where froyo lovers could customize their yogurt bowls.

Imagine you're at our frozen yogurt store to create your own dessert! Choose from our large variety of flavors, toppings, and drizzles to build your dream froyo. Pick as many toppings as you want to fill your stomach, or stop at one; it's up to you!

Based on your choice of froyo and the unique way you personalize it to your taste, we can predict the age you will live to. Are you brave enough to know the truth about your longevity?

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