Take This Word Association Quiz to Know If You’re Actually Fun or Really Boring

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We all hope that our friends consider us to be interesting people to hang out with. Very few of us would actually want to be viewed as boring. It's not clear just how many of us are really all that fun to be with, however.

Sure, we're fun when we feel we can be but most of us are spending so much of our time with tunnel vision just going through our daily routine that perhaps we forget to inject some fun into our lives. After all, isn't having fun one of the major purposes of life? What leads to happiness more than fun?

We should all try to spend as much time as possible having fun in whatever fashion we feel is best suited for us. What one person views as having a good time could be considered quite boring to another. Despite the subjectivity involved, this word association quiz can determine if you are in fact a really fun or really boring person. Simply pick the first thing that pops into your mind when you see each word. Ready to find out the truth for yourself?

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